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The Cycle Asylum

88 Albany Road, Port Alfred

BUSINESS HOURS: OPEN Mon – Fri 8 – 4.30pm. Sat 9-12.


Should we not have what you need on the floor we can usually source in 2-4 days.

The Cycle Asylum shop stock a wide variety of mountain bikes and ‘FAT BIKES’ which include well-known brands such as: ’SilverBack’, ‘Surge’ ‘Momsen’, ‘Avalanche’, ‘Merida / Titan’, and now ‘Signal’, named after Signal hill in Cape Town.

We specialise in good value for money bicycles from toddlers to the enthusiast where the buyer can be sure of advice and on-going support that on line shoppers do not get.

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Take in the sights and sounds of your local trail this summer together with Cycle Asylum and @signalbikes #OnTheHill

Southbound logo

We now include the Southbound Oryx in our E bike range. https://www.southboundbikes.com


Our Workshop is fully capable to service the majority of bicycles, including road and mountain bikes, from Punctures to Major services.

“We guarantee our work.”

We will consult with you on the condition of the bike before it goes to the workshop, can usually give a quote, if we find any problems we will consult with the client before any work commences.

Workshop prices (2023)


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Anyone contemplating purchase of ‘Silverback E bikes’ – get your orders in soon. https://silverbacklab.com

Unleash Your Inner Adventurer at The Cycle Asylum!♀️‍♂️

If searched Google for the coolest cycle shop near me, or offroad bike shops near me, or even e-Bikes for sale, then look no further than The Cycle Asylum, your one-stop shop for all things cycling on the Sunshine Coast! Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro, we’ve got something for everyone.

Need a new ride? We offer a huge selection of bikes for all ages and styles, from sturdy mountain bikes for tackling those off-road adventures to sleek cruisers for a relaxing ride along the beach. We even have ebikes so you can conquer hills and longer distances with a boost!

But bikes are just the beginning! We also stock a wide range of cycling gear to keep you comfortable and safe on your adventures. Think helmets, gloves, jerseys, shorts, and everything in between – all at amazing value for money. And unlike online shopping, you get expert advice and ongoing support from our friendly team. No more struggling to figure things out on your own!

So ditch the online hassle and come visit The Cycle Asylum today! We’re passionate about cycling and helping you find the perfect setup for your needs. Let’s hit the road (or trail!) together!

P.S. We also have a killer selection of mountain bikes and “FAT BIKES” from top brands like SilverBack, Surge, Momsen, Avalanche, Merida/Titan, and even our own “Signal” brand, named after Cape Town’s famous landmark! Come check them out!

E-Bikes for Effortless Fun Rides

Ever dream of cycling without breaking a sweat, even on hills? That’s the magic of ebikes or electric bikes, bikes equipped with an electric motor that boosts your pedalling power. They’re not fancy scooters – you still pedal, but the motor acts like a helpful friend, making hills flatter and long distances fly by.

E-bikes have been around for over a century, nope you read that right. An American inventor named Ogden Bolton Junior patented a battery-powered bike in 1895. There have been several patented versions over the last century. It wasn’t until much later that the kinds of e-bikes we see being ridden today were designed. During the 90s the first bikes with torque sensors and power controls became available and the demand for e-bikes has grown exponentially over the last decade.

So this si how it works:

  • Think regular bike, but supercharged: A quiet electric motor hidden within helps you pedal. It kicks in when you need it most, like on steep climbs or against strong winds.
  • You are in charge, pedal power matters: Unlike motorized vehicles, e-bikes require pedalling. But the motor amps up your effort, making tough sections manageable and long rides more enjoyable.
  • Choose your power, choose your ride: Pick from different assistance levels depending on your fitness and the terrain. Feeling energetic? Go low-power for a workout. Cruising with friends? Dial it up for effortless fun.
  • There’s an e-bike for everyone: From mountain climbers to city commuters, you’ll find an e-bike that matches your style and needs.

This is what you have been waiting for so say goodbye to exhaustive pedalling and hello to effortless gliding? Hop on an e-bike and unlock a whole new world of cycling adventures! Pop into The Cycle Asylum and see our full range of bikes. We will set you up with right e-bike for you at the best price.

Southbound Oryx on beach sand